Development & Refurbishment finance

Looking for the best deal to purchase a commercial property for your business? Let our experts find the best commercial mortgage for you.

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    Here a KEY we are able to source the right development and/or refurbishment finance for your needs, be it a £30,000 loan to help fund a single new build or conversion, to multi-million £ schemes to fund much larger residential housing schemes.

    Lenders work to some basic criteria, being:-

    • The experience and track record of the individuals being the development company;
    • The level of borrowing required compared to the costs of the scheme (including cost/value of the land);
    • The level of borrowing required compared to the projected value of the scheme when it is complete.
    • The market demand for the completed scheme, either as a sale or to rent;

    With schemes funded every month by us, we will use our many years of experience to build a business case for your scheme, in order to acquire the best development finance for your particular requirements.

    100% of the scheme costs can be obtained for development and refurbishment finance in certain circumstances.  In addition, we have exclusive access to certain development funding schemes.

    If you are a developer we would love to talk to you – please contact us at KEY today for an initial free consultation.

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