Business recovery

Looking for the best deal to purchase a commercial property for your business? Let our experts find the best commercial mortgage for you.

    KEY can assist in the field of business recovery services. As well as being able to arrange finance packages targeted at recovering businesses, we can provide intensive support, advice and planning for those businesses which are showing symptoms of business distress.

    Is your business in the position whereby:-

    • Cash flow is tight?
    • You are struggling to pay your suppliers or other creditors?
    • You are behind with your tax payments, such as VAT, PAYE and corporation tax?
    • Your relationship with the Bank is strained, or perhaps broken down?
    • The Bank wants its money back?
    • The Bank is refusing to pay certain cheques, standing orders or direct debits when due?
    • The Bank has passed you to a new manager, who might be working within a “special situation” or “intensive care” or “business support” unit?

    If your business is experiencing any of the above problems, please contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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