Business loans

Looking for the best deal to purchase a commercial property for your business? Let our experts find the best commercial mortgage for you.


    Business loans come in many shapes and sizes, from small unsecured loans of £5,000 or less, to facilities of many millions with complex security arrangements attached.

    A business loan can be put to any reasonable business use, and can be obtained for any viable business from start up to large corporates. The key word in all of this of course is the definition of the word “viable”, and the lenders definition of this.

    The way that an application is presented to a lender is absolutely crucial to the success of a request for a business loan. At Key, we have over 100 years of combined experience and expertise in assessing and presenting applications for funding, with the additional benefit of being able to prepare a comprehensive business plan and financial forecasts on your behalf if the situation so demands.  From start ups to large corporate borrowers, we have the skills to understand your business and present on your behalf in a highly professional way.

    We will make sure that we propose your application for a business loan to the right manager at the right lender. As well as differences in appetite between Banks, it is worth being aware that the experience and standing of a Bank manager can also have an impact on how well an application progresses within any given lender.

    For SMEs. we also have access to several non mainstream lenders as well, some using public funds, who will look to support those that have been refused a business loan by their bank, or perhaps not been able to raise as much as they need.

    Please contact us now for an initial free discussion, and we will be delighted to explore the opportunities that exist for funding your business.

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