Yorkshire Property Finance Ltd

We thought it worth touching on one USP that Key Commercial Finance has in respect of our property & real estate finance offering. Its called “Yorkshire Property Finance Ltd (“YPFL”). This is a lender part owned by us, and has operated for nearly 12 years. It is an “in house” lender backed up by a private investor whom we have known for over 20 years. All the (quick) decisions are made by us and our investor.

YPFL specialises in short term funding to help those who either need rapid business finance, or who want to purchase a property that is not otherwise mortgageable. This includes development schemes. Assistance is generally provided for such properties and schemes in the vicinity of the North of England. That is so that we can meet clients within a reasonable drive of an hour or two.

We are careful as a brokerage to “do the right thing” for our clients. In other words we carefully consider the wider options from the whole of the finance market before proposing funding from YPFL. But if we do fund from YPFL it will be the best options for our client, and our clients generally love the service. We provide what might be described as a “traditional bank manager experience”. We meet the clients and discuss their needs. If we provide funding it can be done really quickly with minimal formalities. Our charging methods are open, transparent and fair (unlike many other lenders in the market). We will generally make sure that YPFL are competitive on price, and if YPFL are not, we will make sure the client knows that before proceeding.

YPFL have many clients who have used us again and again. Our best client has used us on over 15 different occasions in the last 10 years, and despite having tried other lenders (introduced by us) keeps returning to YPFL.

So for service, simplicity and fair transparent pricing, why not come to us to give Yorkshire Property Finance a go for your next property transaction?