How we finished off 2019!

As we settle in to 2020, we thought we’d share with you a selection of the facilities we sourced for our clients in December.

£150k Unsecured Loan for manufacturer of Log Cabins. Repayment over 5 years. Funds required for stock purchase and refinance existing debt. Funds drawn within one week of initial enquiry.

£480k Commercial Mortgage for Tree Surgeon. Replaced funding from client’s own bank who were unwilling to support with a further advance. The loan we sourced paid off the existing facility and released a further £136k capital back to the business.

£30k Unsecured Loan to Physiotherapy Business to settle Corporation Tax Bill. Allowing the client to spread the cost over 12 months. Funds released within one week.

£690k Refinance of part of client’s Property Portfolio due to breakdown of relationship with clients existing bank.

£47k Commercial Loan to refinance one of 5 Buy to Let properties owned by our client. Currently working with the client re the other 4 properties.

£93k Semi Commercial Loan refinance. The loan sourced will repay the existing lender and raise additional capital to assist with a further property purchase.

£225k refinance of 3 Buy to Let Properties from Clients portfolio as existing lender no longer wished to fund.

£125k Bridging Loan to enable client to purchase a former hotel as a development opportunity.

If you or your clients have any imminent funding requirements, we would be more than happy to help. Please contact a member of the team.