Changes to HMO Legislation from 1st October 2018

HMO landlords should be aware of changes to the definition of an HMO and new legislation that has come into effect this week.

Presently, around 60,000 HMOs currently require a licence and it’s estimated, that under this new legislation, a further 177,000 properties may need one. Licences are designed to ensure landlords are providing homes that are well-maintained, meeting acceptable standards for key elements such as fire safety and hygiene. They also mean the local authority can more closely monitor the number of HMOs in their area.

Previously, a licence was only mandatory if a HMO was occupied by five or more people, from two or more family units, and was spread over three or more storeys. The storey rule has now been removed and now a licence will be required for any such household, no matter how many storeys it has.

Minimum room sizes will now apply and there is mandatory licensing of flats above and below commercial premises.

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