Finding the right Development Lender!

The construction Industry is ever changing therefore we are regularly seeing new methods coming into play, and as lenders we need to think very carefully about how we fund such methods in the most appropriate way. Having an appreciation for property is extremely essential to both the Development and Bridging sectors, and many Bridging lenders have come unstuck when it comes to the specialist construction methods.

It is said that there needs to be a higher understanding across the industry of how the various building methods work. Modular Housing has progressed a great deal in the sector over the last few years and is a great platform for providing a lot of housing in a very short period of time. Construction in other major economies such as Germany, a lot of their construction is based on a pre-fabricated system, allowing for quicker construction times which is a great financial benefit to developers.

The Development finance sector will come with many obstacles for lenders, however a good development lender will be able to put a structure in place for the developer in order for the project to run smoothly and efficiently. Here at Key Commercial Finance Solutions Ltd we have the knowledge and expertise when it comes to Development Finance and have access to a variety of lenders in the market place who will obtain the very best rates and terms for all our clients. Please do not hesitate to contact us today and we will be more than happy to assist you.