Could your business benefit from supplier finance?

Here at Key we have access to a lender who offers a revolving credit facility for UK businesses in order to pay for any goods or services that you may require.

The facility is not secured against business assets so it works very well alongside other finance. Funding is accessed by settling supplier invoices via an online platform. Credit limits can be used, repaid and reused again.

Key Features;

  • Revolving credit facility from £50K to £1M +
  • Simple source of working capital with a quick set-up process.
  • Settle your supplier invoices and repay up to 120 days later.
  • Pay in currencies worldwide.
  • Works alongside existing finance.
  • Easy to use and secure online platform.
  • Competitive transaction fees.
  • No set up costs, no administration costs and no non-utilisation fees.


Customers use their facility to;

  • Scale up with confidence.
  • Seize unexpected business opportunities even if cash is tied up.
  • Source international product lines.
  • Bridge fixed-asset purchases pending refinance.
  • Remove the differential between supplier terms and customer terms.
  • Secure prompt-payment discount from suppliers.


If your interested in discussing how such a facility could work for your business please contact one of the team at Key Commercial Finance Solutions Ltd, and we will be more than happy to assist you.