Hunting Pot Facility for Property Investors!

handshake 12.1.17

It is a common request- Can we arrange a ”hunting pot” facility to enable property investors to maintain a standby facility to make snap property acquisitions at a better value?

The answer is yes we can. Key have a new property lender who has indicated that they will be willing to assist. The parameters will be;

  • Experienced Investors
  • Can be used for residential or commercial buy to let acquisitions
  • Existing unencumbered investment property already owned which can be used as security
  • Loan size up to around £750,000
  • Interest paid on amount used only- reducing finance costs

These facilities are likely to be provided at a very competitive rate- around 3.8% ”all in” (base rate linked) with a 0.75% initial set up fee plus valuation and legal fees.There are very few other lenders out there willing to offer such facilities, Key will be delighted to receive enquiries for the above which we believe to be currently the ”best in market”.