Brexit Vote- Impact on the Commercial Finance market!


In his first public speech since the EU referendum result, Chancellor George Osborne announced that Britain was prepared to deal with the uncertainty following its decision to leave the EU. He said the UK has put in place robust contingency plans. As to when Britain would trigger article 50, Mr Osborne stated that this should only happen once we have a clear view on our relationship with the EU, contrasting with European leaders urges for the UK to leave as quickly as possible.

The decision to leave has led to a degree of volatility in the economy, particularly in the financial market, and whilst positive comments are being made to assuage these markets, it is always well advised to have several options open to businesses when such uncertainty exists.

Most lenders have been quick to issue notices that their policies remain unchanged and that their doors are open for business as usual. If however, yourself or your clients have plans that require an increase in funding lines, it is always a good idea to obtain an alternative quote and to have a few options available to you.

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